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Founded in 2015, mainly as a B2B (Business to Business) company with a focus on wholesale, fixed installation and repair of professional and high quality audio, visual and multimedia equipment, TRIKON ProAudio | Visual | Lighting over the years also strengthened its position as a B2C (Business to Client) company.

The online shop was part of the locally-oriented company right from the start, although it was more of a "digital product catalog" for existing customers than a modern e-commerce.

As a result of the events in 2020, the company, like many others - especially in the entertainment industry - was forced to restructure and develop step-by-step the online shop in its current form, which the TRIKON team is constantly expanding and adapting to the wishes of the customers.


The CEO and himself passionated musician, Randolf Aster, founded the company in 2015 with the vision to not only offer the most fair price-performance ratio, but also to guarantee that every customer receives the most suitable solution for themselves: Because Your passion deserves it.

With many years of experience in the industry, technical know-how and passion for the products and services we offer, we guarantee all-round service for our customers: from professional sales advice to fast delivery by our shipping partners to repairs within the manufacturer's warranty and afterwards by our trained technicians or in cooperation with authorized assistance centers.

All items available in the online shop are selected by our product specialists and only original products from high-quality brands and manufacturers: What does not convince US is not offered to YOU!

When choosing the products and brands to offer, we do not only focus on the price-performance ratio and quality, but also on the working conditions in the various manufacturers' production facilities. It is essential tfor us that the goods we sell are manufactured under fair working conditions.


Sustainability is important to the management and has long been a MUST in every aspect of corporate processes. We are not only talking about environmentally friendly packaging material or climate-neutral deliveries due to the increased e-mobility of our transport partners, but above all it's the quality of all the articles offered by us which equals sustainability. Compared to their less qualitative competitors, branded products not only do their job better, but also for a much longer period of time! Our range of products includes large manufacturers who offer warranty up to 10 years - and mostly only for a low surcharge compared to non-branded devices. Even if a branded device no longer works for one reason or another after years of use, there are for many years spare parts and thus repair options for products of this quality standard that we offer. This is an easy and advantageous way to protect our environment!


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