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Operating principle

Are You authorized dealer for all offered products?

Absolutely - we buy our products exclusively as an authorised dealer from official distributors and manufacturers. Our products are brand-new and in the original packaging.

We clearly indicate used products, B-Stock and EX-DEMO-versions in order to avoid confusion with our regular offers.

What kind of warranty do I get for the products I order?

As our products are new and as we buy them as an authorised dealer from our suppliers, you get the full warranty for all products, i.e. at least three (2) years (this however does not include accessories) and up to ten years depending on the manufacturer (extended warranty claims are usually indicated on our product pages).

In addition to the manufacturer's guarantee, we offer a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee for all products, (except for custom made products eg. cases, perishable products eg. strings, items which come into bodily contact eg. ear pieces etc.) Software must be sealed and in its original, unopened packaging before return.

The fact that you are buying on the internet in no way restricts warranty claims or the possibility of having equipment repaired or serviced later. We have qualified technicians available for repairs and collaborate with the manufacturer's official repair centers.

Are all your products 'factory-new' in original packaging?

Yes - unless indicated!

The products we buy as an authorised dealer from official suppliers are always new and in the original packaging.

If you receive equipment which is in the original packaging but not in "factory-new" perfect condition it might be a product we have had to open to insert a manual, or it could be a product which has been chekced for any transport damages. Items returned under the 30 day money back guarantee are called B-Stock.

We specifically indicate B-Stock in order to avoid confusion with our regular offers.

Returned products are always checked by us to ensure they are complete and fully functioning. These returned products are free from defects and you will receive the same warranty as a brand new version of the item.

What are B-Stock products?

A "B-Stock" is a product which has been returned by a customer within their 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee or replaced under guarantee and can no longer be sold as new. These products are offered at a special, reduced price, are fully functional and come with full warranty and 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. Customers may find that these products show traces of use or scuffing and may not come in their original packaging but will always be checked prior to shipment.

Let's make a deal ...?

On our site every customer always gets the best price.

In addition to a fair price, we offer every customer also our 30-day money back guarantee, a Maintenance and Repair Service, fast shipping, expert advice etc. We also guarantee that all of our products come from official distributors.


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