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Line 6 HX One

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Guitar multi-effects processor

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Line 6 HX One



The HX One boasts more than 250 high-end effect emulations from the HX ecosystem, containing a wide range of classic stompbox effects, studio classics, and Line 6 originals. Designed for simplicity and ease of use, the HX One's single effect block and three knobs provide this pedal with a highly intuitive workflow that Sweetwater guitarists find much more similar to a traditional 3-knob effects pedal than the typical multi-effects unit. In addition, the HX One's distinctive "Flux" feature gives you the power to automate parameter changes with the flip of a switch.

Modifying effects, creating custom presets, and adjusting settings is a breeze thanks to the HX One's high-visibility OLED screen and simple controls. And while this pedal's tactile knobs and buttons are perfect for dialing in the tone of your dreams, the optional HX One Librarian app provides an even easier means to organize and adjust your 128 presets.

From simple guitar amp pedal setups to sprawling MIDI-powered madness, the HX One's robust I/O section allows seamless integration into almost any configuration. The stereo inputs and outputs make it a breeze to achieve huge three-dimensional effects configurations, while the MIDI In/Out-Thru ports are perfect for the musician who requires truly in-depth control. Finally, the HX One's flexible expression input provides hands-free control when paired with an expression pedal or external footswitches.

If you regularly switch between low output single coils, high output humbuckers, and even modern active pickups, you're sure to appreciate the HX One's versatile adjustable input impedance features. Built into the inputs of the HX One, this circuit changes the tone of your instrument by loading the pickups similar to how they would be loaded by a pedal or amplifier. Lower impedance settings produce a softer, less aggressive tone, while higher impedance levels provide a tighter tone with a fuller frequency response. Better yet, the HX One can be set to automatically adapt to the impedance control of the currently selected effect.


  • Packed with over 250 first-class effect emulations taken from Line 6's HX ecosystem, including reverbs, delays, dynamic effects, dirt and more
  • Compact form factor to fit perfectly into any pedalboard configuration
  • Works just like a standard pedal, with 1 effect available at a time
  • 128 built-in preset slots for instant access to your favorite tonal creations
  • High-visibility OLED screen provides an intuitive and easy-to-use workflow
  • Three dedicated knobs make it super easy to adjust effect parameters
  • Dual-function Tap/Flux switch allows automatic parameter changes and tap tempo functions
  • Adjustable input impedance to perfectly match pickups of all styles and designs
  • Extensive I/O, including stereo In and Out, MIDI In/Out-Thru and a USB-C port for both firmware updates and access to the HX One preset library
  • Switchable true/buffered DSP bypass
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 96 x 125 x 62mm
  • Weight: 450g


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